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Sharing Your Grief When You Can't Share Space: Planning a Memorial During the Pandemic

Social distancing guidelines and other pandemic-related restrictions have changed the way individuals can come together. This includes the ability for people to come together in their time of grief to celebrate the life of a loved one who has recently passed. However, while the pandemic may force you to make some changes when planning your loved one's memorial service

Why Cremation Continues To Grow In Popularity

Funerals are becoming increasingly expensive. Traditional arrangements can cost families several thousands of dollars. For example, when someone dies without life insurance, the survivors left behind face going into serious debt to cover the funeral plans of that person. However, instead of leaving your family or estate in debt, you can plan out services that do not i

The Appeal of Planning a Cremation Service for Your Final Arrangements

A traditional viewing and funeral may not appeal to your sensibilities. You may think that both are too drawn out and expensive. You cannot fathom spending the time or money that both require. Instead, you may prefer something shorter and more cost-effective for your final arrangements. You can plan out a cremation service and finalize it with a reputable funeral home

Cemetery Headsones: What Stone Do You Want?

Whether you are preparing a loved one for burial or you are pre-arranging your own funeral, choosing a cemetery headstone is part of the process. Cemetery headstones needs to be within the regulations of the chosen cemetery regarding design, size, and other factors, but overall the material you choose for your headstone is up to you. Cemetery headstones come in a

3 Things To Do With Your Loved One's Cremains

If you have chosen for your loved one to be cremated after their death, then you might wonder what you can do with their cremains when you get them back. There are a number of things that you can do with them, and you might decide to go with just one of them. Depending on how many people would like to have some of the cremains, you might choose one particular option o