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Why Choosing A Flat Graver Marker Can Be Beneficial

Flat grave markers are common in many cemeteries, and they can offer some benefits. For most people, the style of the grave marker is important, but flat grave markers allow you options that you may not have with larger headstones, so they can be a great alternative that has some pretty extensive options.

Marker Cost

Flat grave markers are an excellent way to make putting a nice stone on a loved one's final resting place affordable. The cost of flat markers is often lower because they are smaller in size than a standard headstone and are easier to engrave or embellish than curved or shaped stones.

If you are struggling to afford a headstone for a loved one's grave, the flat marker could be a better alternative that is affordable enough to allow you to do more with it and better honor the person who has passed. You may even find that the reduced cost of the marker allows you to put more on it, making it nicer than the larger, more expensive headstones available.

Marker Maintenance

Most cemeteries will mow around the headstones and markers, and some use a trimmer to keep weeds off the stones. Any care you want beyond that is often up to the family, and the flat grave marker often means less maintenance because the mower can pass over the marker and cut the grass around it without damage to the stone. 

If you maintain a family cemetery, these markers can be much easier to deal with and still look very nice when someone comes to the gravesite to pay respects or visit. Flat grave markers are also less likely to be damaged because they lay flat and can't fall or be knocked over.

While vandalism is still a concern, more often, upright headstones are the targets of people looking to cause damage in a cemetery, and typically flat grave markers can go unnoticed. 

Colors, Sizes, and Materials

Flat grave markers are available in many stone types that offer different color options. A highly polished black granite stone may be a good choice if you are going to have something etched on the surface that you want to stand out. For other people, a simple light-colored stone with basic information is a better fit if you are trying to match grave markers that have been there for many years. 

Flat grave markers can also be cut to many different sizes, so you can use a single flat grave marker in a family plot. If you are selecting the market for a cemetery plot, check with the cemetery manager to determine if there is a size limit that you need to adhere to before ordering the market.