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An Event That Provides Family and Friends With Closure

A loved one's departure into the afterlife may include choosing an urn and preparing a respectful cremation service that will allow family and friends to come together. Although your ideal setup may be one that involves all of the guests attending a service in person, you may encounter obstacles that will prevent some of your proposed guests from taking part in a physical ceremony.

A Hybrid Service

A hybrid service is one that involves the attendence of both physical and remote guests. A cremation ceremony can be held at the funeral home or church of your choice or at another location that you think is fitting for the ceremony. The preparations for a hybrid event are conducted the same as the planning steps for an in-person service, but will require a few extra steps.

First, the person who will be officiating the service will need to be informed about your wish to include remote guests. This may prompt a funeral director or another officiating person to prepare audio-visual placement plans. Some funeral homes or venue owners who host cremation services may have audio-visual equipment onsite that can be utilized during an event.

If this is not the case, however,  you will need to hire an outside source or furnish your own audio-visual supplies. Guests who will be invited to attend a hybrid service can be notified personally or through a social media app. A streaming platform will play an event live. Guests can watch the event as it unfolds, and both physical and remote guests will be provided with similar vantage points during the procession.

Inclusion Tips

Video streaming platforms may offer packages that will allow you to customize the online portion of a ceremony. For instance, you may be provided with the opportunity to include a chatbox, a voice feature, or a memorial memory page, through a video platform. This will allow prospective guests to share their condolences or speak on behalf of the recently deceased.

A moderator should be assigned during a live service. This person's role will be to keep track of incoming messages, respond to those with inquiries, and broadcast any material that will be played aloud during the ceremony.

Physical guests should also have the same opportunities to share their thoughts. All of the guests who will be invited to a cremation ceremony should be provided with complete details about the location and time of the event and the name of the video platform that will be used to provide guests with remote access to the ceremony. 

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