A Bittersweet Goodbye: A Blog About Funerals

A Bittersweet Goodbye: A Blog About Funerals

Follow These Steps If You Want Cremation After You Pass Away

Do you want your body to be cremated after you pass away, but worry that other people in your family won't carry out your wishes? If so, it will help to take the following steps to make sure that all of your wishes will be carried out. Let Family Members Know The first thing that you should do is prepare your family members by letting them know in person. A common mis

Why Cremation Helps Only Children Suffering From Depression When Losing A Parent

Losing a parent is one of the most devastating situations a person will ever face. However, an only child with only one parent may find the situation even worse. No matter what the age of the child – whether young or an adult – the grief can transform into a depression that may last for years. As a result, cremation may be a good choice for those in this situation.

Tips For Saving Money When Making Funeral Arrangements

If making the funeral service arrangements is a responsibility that has been given to you, you might find yourself a little concerned with how much everything is going to cost. Even if you would love to plan the most expensive funeral possible, that is not always something that is within the budget for a lot of people. Therefore, you will have to plan with your financ

4 Add-Ons To Consider For A Cremation Service

Cremation is rising in popularity among budget-conscious mourners and individuals who prefer to their final arrangements to be more environmentally friendly than a conventional burial. When arranging to have a loved one cremated or prepaying for your own cremation service, you have the option to add additional items to your cremation package. Here are a few add-ons yo

3 Times When Cremation May Be Necessary

Everyone has their own wishes about how they want their body to be treated after they pass away. Some people may want a traditional burial, while others want to be cremated. However, there may come a time when you do not really have a choice about what method is used. Here are some times when cremation may be necessary. When Passing Away on Vacation Anyone can pass aw