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Sharing Your Grief When You Can't Share Space: Planning a Memorial During the Pandemic

Social distancing guidelines and other pandemic-related restrictions have changed the way individuals can come together. This includes the ability for people to come together in their time of grief to celebrate the life of a loved one who has recently passed. However, while the pandemic may force you to make some changes when planning your loved one's memorial service, you do not need to allow pandemic-related restrictions to prevent you from sharing your grief simply because you are unable to share your space.

With just a little bit of creativity, you can plan a memorial service that is truly something special even if you and your family members and friends are not all able to attend this service in person. 

Create a Live Stream

Even if the funeral home that you choose does not force you to limit the number of people who attend your loved one's memorial service, you will likely find that some family members and friends are unable to attend either because they are in quarantine or because they are considered high risk and must avoid large gatherings. Choosing to live stream the service will allow everyone to view and participate in the service even if they are unable to attend in person.

If you do not personally have the technical know-how to set up your live stream, be sure to communicate with your funeral director regarding your desire to make this stream part of your memorial service plans. In many cases, you will find that the funeral director will be able to assist with this process as more and more people are taking advantage of live streaming services resulting in many funeral directors picking up this skill set. 

Schedule Synchronized Events

You may also want to consider scheduling synchronized events that can be enjoyed by smaller groups in their own individual locations. For instance, you and your family members may wish to plan a balloon release or candle lighting ceremony in several different locations all scheduled at the same time. You can then choose to share these moments either through photographs, video, or a live stream. In many cases, simply knowing that your entire family is grieving together at the same time can be an amazing comfort despite not being able to physically be together in your time of need. 

Share a Memorial Photo or Memory Slideshow

Consider asking all of your family members or friends to contribute any digital photos they have of your loved one. These photos can then be used to create a slideshow that can be shared as part of a virtual memorial service. You can take this approach a step further by asking family members to record short video clips in which they share a memory or story about the deceased. These clips can then be edited together to play as part of both an in-person or virtual memorial service.

For more ideas, contact memorial panning services.