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Why Cremation Continues To Grow In Popularity

Funerals are becoming increasingly expensive. Traditional arrangements can cost families several thousands of dollars. For example, when someone dies without life insurance, the survivors left behind face going into serious debt to cover the funeral plans of that person. However, instead of leaving your family or estate in debt, you can plan out services that do not include traditional arrangements. Instead, you can take advantage of what cremation offers to people who prefer a lower cost and more convenient funeral options.

Lower Cost

Cremation can cost thousands of dollars less than a traditional burial. To start, you do not need to be embalmed to be cremated. Your remains can be sent to the crematory within hours after you pass away. As such, because you do not need to be embalmed, you can save money. You also do not have to opt for being laid out for a wake or viewing. It can cost a significant amount of money to pay the funeral staff to dress and make you ready for viewing. You also must pay for the casket in which you will be laid.

In addition, an urn costs less than a casket. You can buy an urn for a few hundred dollars or less. Caskets can cost thousands even for simple designs and those made out of relatively inexpensive materials.


Cremation also allows you to plan out a convenient final service. You may not want to have your funeral take days to plan and hold. You may want to give your family faster closure and let them say goodbye to you within days after you pass away. Fortunately, you can typically hold a cremation funeral two to three days after you die. Your family can get immediate closure and can avoid having to prolong their grief while the funeral home readies a traditional burial and funeral for you.

Furthermore, cremation can be more environmentally friendly than a traditional burial. You take up less room in a cemetery. You also do not have to add a casket and vault to the cemetery. Additionally, your ashes can be spread or buried in a relatively small plot.

Cremation offers a number of options that make it popular with many people today. It costs less and spares families from having to go into debt to arrange someone's final services. It also provides a faster and more convenient funeral. It likewise can be a more environmentally friendly option for your final services. Contact a company like Fletcher Funeral Home PA for more information.