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The Appeal of Planning a Cremation Service for Your Final Arrangements

A traditional viewing and funeral may not appeal to your sensibilities. You may think that both are too drawn out and expensive. You cannot fathom spending the time or money that both require. Instead, you may prefer something shorter and more cost-effective for your final arrangements. You can plan out a cremation service and finalize it with a reputable funeral home. 

1. Cost-Effectiveness

A cremation service typically costs thousands of dollars less than a regular viewing and funeral. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars for a traditional funeral and wake. You must pay for these arrangements before you pass away or leave money out of your estate to cover them.

Instead of spending that kind of money, you can instead plan out and prepay for a cremation service. This arrangement can cost you a fraction of the price of a regular funeral. You save money on prepaying for your final arrangements and leave more money in your estate for your loved ones.

2. Faster Timeline

Another reason to opt for a cremation service involves the fact that it can be held faster than a regular viewing. Your remains can be cremated the same day that you pass away. Your family can get the ashes returned to them and hold your final service one or two days after your passing. 

When you do not want to drag out your funeral and cause your family undue distress, you can opt for a faster service. You can give your family faster closure and encourage them to move on with their lives after you die.

3. Greener Option

Finally, a cremation service is a greener option for dealing with death than a traditional funeral. You may not want your casket and vault to take up precious space on the planet. You also do not want your body to pollute the soil. Instead, you can be cremated, take up less space in a cemetery, or disperse your ashes so they break down and recycle in the soil.

A cremation service can appeal to you for several reasons. You may like the expediency at which they can be held. You also may appreciate that this kind of service often comes with a much lower price tag than a regular wake and funeral. Finally, you may like this service option because it is a more environmentally responsible choice for your passing. Contact cremation providers to learn more.