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Cemetery Headsones: What Stone Do You Want?

Whether you are preparing a loved one for burial or you are pre-arranging your own funeral, choosing a cemetery headstone is part of the process. Cemetery headstones needs to be within the regulations of the chosen cemetery regarding design, size, and other factors, but overall the material you choose for your headstone is up to you.

Cemetery headstones come in a variety of materials, including marble, granite, sandstone, and other stones. Stone is usually chosen for gravesite markers and cemetery headstones because the natural material is known to last and not fade with time. Stone is also easy to carve into and put imagery, words, and dates on. What stone do you want to use when it comes to cemetery headstones? Your funeral director can help you with this decision based on what style you want and what your budget is, among other things.

What style do you want?

Do you want a certain style when it comes to your cemetery headstone? If so, then classic marble or quartz may be best for you. These stones are known for their varying veins of color, and no two stones are alike. If you want a more classic style when it comes to headstones, then consider sandstone or even limestone, which can even come from local rock quarries in your area.

A classic style of stone to consider for a headstone is one you've likely seen before: gabbro. This is a stone that is black with white speckles in it and is rough to the touch unless it's been smoothed out. If you want to have more design freedom with your cemetery headstones, then think about concrete, since it's easier to shape and work with than others might be.

What is your budget?

Marble is a cost-effective headstone to purchase and is easy to carve, and it can last a long time with regular polishing. You can also consider fieldstone, which is a common building material that is usually readily available. If you want a pricier headstone or something fancier, then consider bronze or iron as you explore cemetery headstones. In the end, it's not just the type of stone you choose for your headstone, but also the size and style you want for your headstone that will affect its overall price.

Ask your funeral director for direction when it comes to selecting a great headstone for your needs. Most headstones will last a long time with proper care and can be restored to their original luster if they wear out over time.