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How Funeral Homes Adapt During Emergencies

Emergencies can come in many forms, but the main emergencies that affect funeral homes are healthcare-related. Pandemics, a rise in illnesses, or large numbers of illnesses in nursing home environments can all take a toll on area funeral directors. The question for many people is how a funeral home can adapt to meet these needs while maintaining their clients' needs and wishes. 

If you have a loved one who may be susceptible to a healthcare emergency and you are concerned about your local funeral home's ability to handle an emergency burial needs, here are some things you need to know.

Funeral Pre-Planning

One of the main ways funeral homes try to combat and prepare for emergencies is through funeral pre-planning. This type of planning ensures that clients already have their needs on file and have paid for the services they want. There is no guesswork with this process which means when an emergency or unexpected death does arise, the funeral home can act on the final wishes. Since the planned funeral has already been paid for and the accommodations chosen, the stress of planning and the rush to make final arrangements are avoided. This allows for proper handling on the funeral home side and gives the family time to grieve properly.

Streaming Services

Many of the issues that come during an unexpected death or healthcare crisis deal with memorial services. During these circumstances, it is difficult for friends and family members to arrive at the funeral. For this reason, funeral homes are now offering live streaming and recorded options for the memorial and funeral services. This allows friends and family to pay their final respects to the deceased regardless of their location. If safe social distancing is being practiced, the web-based streaming options are an ideal way for memorials to be held.

Emergency Services

Some funeral homes offer special emergency services during times of healthcare crisis. For example, they may have part-time staff that operates overnight. This staff can arrive at the hospital, home, or online to help with emergency arrangements. The funeral home may also offer special discounted packages that offer basic funeral services and needs such as a basic casket and memorial service at a lower cost. 

If you are still concerned about an unexpected death or healthcare issue that could lead to an unexpected death, contact your local funeral home. The funeral director can help you with pre-planning for this need. They can also discuss other options with you that may be suitable for your family and any concerns you have.