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Items You May Want To Place In Your Loved One's Casket At Burial

It is never easy to say goodbye to a deceased loved one, but it can be helpful for the healing process to leave a sentimental item behind in the casket. It is natural to want to place some special mementos in the casket of a departed family member or friend, as this helps to create a sense of a connection with the person that you have just recently lost. If you are unsure of what you should leave in the casket, here are a few ideas that tend to be popular.


Placing a photograph in the hands of your loved one at the funeral service will send the message that he or she will never be forgotten and that your thoughts will continue to be with him or her for years to come. Depending on the circumstances and how you are feeling, you may choose a photo from one of your favorite vacations with him or her, a wedding photo, or a photo from another occasion that is fitting.


There are some individuals who have an emotional attachment to certain pieces of jewelry, such as wedding rings or pieces of jewelry that he or she had been given as gifts. Items like these can be placed in the casket, allowing the loved one to keep the pieces of jewelry that have mattered most to him or her over the years close to him or her, even though he or she has moved on from this world.

Favorite Book

If your deceased family member or friend enjoyed reading, you may want to consider placing a copy of his or her favorite book in the casket. Adding a book can make the funeral service feel a bit more tailored to the deceased. If he or she had a favorite quote from the book, it can be read during the service. If your loved one had a favorite poem, it can be printed out, laminated, and placed in the casket, in addition to being read at the service.  

Personal Letters

There are many ways people choose to heal, and one of these ways is to write a letter to the recently deceased, particularly in the earlier stages of grief. Placing letters that you have written to the departed in his or her casket can provide you with the feeling that he or she has received your message and can make it a little bit easier to tell him or her goodbye.

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