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3 Services The Funeral Home You're Working With Should Offer

Are you looking for a funeral home to look with to help you deal with the passing away of a loved one? Doing so can take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. Here are a few services your chosen funeral home should be able to offer you:


It can be tough to plan for the funeral of a loved one because it must be done so soon after the passing when you are still emotionally raw. The funeral home you decide to work with should be able to handle most of the prearrangements for you so you can focus on connecting with friends and family members during this tough time.

While you'll maintain full control over the funeral arrangements, you should not have to do any of the actual legwork such as sourcing chairs and flowers, paying rental bills, and setting things up on the day of the funeral. The funeral home's staff can even handle venue selection, podium décor, and parking lot management. Your service provider should create a thorough plan and execute it based on your specific needs and expectations.

Bereavement Support

Your loved one's friends and family members are all bound to be upset about their loved one's passing, so the funeral home you decide to work with should offer bereavement support services to anyone who needs them. Counseling sessions, access to resource recommendations, and introductions to others who are dealing with the bereavement process should all be made available by the funeral home.

Find out what kinds of bereavement services your loved one's friends and family members are looking for and make a list. Provide the list to the funeral home so the facility can source the services and plan to connect everyone to the service providers they are in need of.

Offsite Memorial Celebrations

Some people may not be able to make it to your loved one's funeral but still want to be part of a memorial. In this case, you could plan a separate memorial to take place after the funeral happens. The memorial can be in a centralized location and at a time that seems to fit into most peoples' schedules.

Not only should the funeral home host the actual funeral for your loved one, but they should be able and willing to plan and host an offsite memorial at a later date. Make sure to choose a location for the memorial before you start making any plans with the funeral home to be sure that they are willing to travel to that location.  

For more information, reach out to the staff at funeral homes near you.