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4 Add-Ons To Consider For A Cremation Service

Cremation is rising in popularity among budget-conscious mourners and individuals who prefer to their final arrangements to be more environmentally friendly than a conventional burial. When arranging to have a loved one cremated or prepaying for your own cremation service, you have the option to add additional items to your cremation package. Here are a few add-ons you may want to purchase as part of a cremation package.  

1. A Viewing

Some individuals like to combine cremation with a viewing for their final arrangements. Though it may seem unnecessary to embalm and prepare the body for a viewing when you're going with cremation, having one last chance to say goodbye to a loved one is important for some families. They value this last opportunity to see their loved one as they remembered them and bid their final farewells.

2. Splitting or Storing the Ashes

Unless you want to scatter the ashes, one detail that you need to contemplate is what you want to do with your loved one's ashes. One option is to store the ashes in a decorative vase or another suitable container. It's even possible to split ashes among multiple vases if you have numerous loved ones who would like some of the ashes. Note that some crematoriums do charge extra for splitting the ashes.

Another option is to store a small portion of the ashes in jewelry or home decor designed to hold a small amount of ashes. This works well if you or your family members prefer to keep the ashes with you or if you want a less conventional way of housing the ashes. 

3. Certified Copies of the Death Certificate

After a loved one passes away, it's essential to have multiple certified copies of the death certificate. This ensures that you have everything you need to properly close their estate and transfer accounts and other items out of their name. Adding this option to your cremation package helps guarantee that there are ample copies of the death certificate to make handling the deceased's final affairs as simple as possible. 

4. A Memorial Service

Many individuals who opt for cremation like to hold a memorial service to remember the deceased. A memorial service may be held in lieu of or in addition to a viewing. A memorial service may include a spoken message from a religious speaker, or it might be primarily led by friends and family who to remember their loved one. By prepaying for a memorial service, you can ensure that this potentially significant expense is covered and that there's a spot to host the service. 

For more information, contact crematories in your area.