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3 Times When Cremation May Be Necessary

Everyone has their own wishes about how they want their body to be treated after they pass away. Some people may want a traditional burial, while others want to be cremated. However, there may come a time when you do not really have a choice about what method is used. Here are some times when cremation may be necessary.

When Passing Away on Vacation

Anyone can pass away at any time, which can rapidly change your plans about what you do with the body. If you are on vacation with your loved one when they pass away, you may realize that there are a lot of logistics involved with getting the body back home. This is especially true when the person passes away overseas or in another country, and there is a complicated and expensive process to have the body returned to the United States. You may discover that the logical option is to have the body cremated so that you don't have to go through the process of transferring the body.

When Passing Away Far From Family

Have you retired with your loved one in a different state to lower your cost of living, but no longer live near friends and family members? This can cause some complications if your loved one passes away and you want to have a funeral with a memorial service. It can be difficult to get everyone to book a flight and fly down for a memorial service to where you live, which can't exactly be done on a whim in some situations. You can select cremation so that the body does not need to be preserved for several months in the future, or go through the process of having a traditional burial ceremony alone. You may also want the option of having a memorial service near where friends and family are located. In that situation, it would make more sense to take the urn of cremated remains rather than transfer a body. 

When Passing Away Without Much Money

Sometimes the need to do cremation is related to the cost rather than a particular desire. Cremation ‚Äčis often a much more affordable option when compared to a traditional burial. The costs can quickly add up when you factor the handling of the body, embalming, casket, funeral home for a showing, and the burial plot. If you're short on cash, cremation can be a respectable and affordable option.