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Is Cremation The Best Choice For You? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

Are you unsure of how you want your body to be handled after you pass away? If so, you may be considering cremation for what you would like to happen. Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to determine if cremation is the best choice. 

Are You Or Your Spouse Religious? 

Some religions do not allow bodies to be cremated at all, making a burial a necessity. If you are not the most religious person, but still have some faith, it is worth looking into what your religion follows when it comes to the treatment of the body after death. If your spouse is religious and you are not, that is something to consider as well. Especially if you want your body to be treated in the same way as your spouse.

Do You Have A Place In Mind For The Ashes?

Cremation allows your ashes to be spread in a place that has meaning to you. Ashes can also be kept in an urn and displayed in a home. No matter what is done, your family has some flexibility over what they want to do. If you have a specific way in mind for how you want the ashes to be spread, definitely let people know this before you pass away.

Do Family And Friends Live Close By?

One of the nice things about cremation is that your loved ones will not feel rushed to have a ceremony. When burying a body, many people have a viewing at a funeral home, which needs to happen soon after the person passes away. If you are currently retired in a place where friends and family are not nearby, it can make it difficult to have everyone fly in for a funeral on short notice. Cremation gives more time for a ceremony to be planned and even makes it possible to easily take the ashes to another location. 

Do Your Loved Ones Have The Money For An Expensive Funeral?

Know that cremation is going to be less of a financial burden from your loved ones when compared to a traditional funeral. They won't have to pay to have your body embalmed, purchase a casket, or a buy a cemetery plot to bury the body. Your funeral will not end up costing people more than what they intended to go with your wishes. If your loved ones do not have the cash, or you do not plan on leaving the cash to pay for a funeral, then cremation may be the next best choice.

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